Folia Medica 61(3): 411-418, doi: 10.3897/folmed.61.e39394
Changes in the Contractile Activity and Reactivity to 5-HT of Smooth Muscles of Rats Following Total Body Irradiation with Accelerated Electrons
expand article infoXenodochidis A. Charilaos, Raina G. Ardasheva, Veselin G. Popov§, Natalia A. Prissadova, Valentin I. Turiyski, Athanas D. Krustev, Mariya I. Vlaykova§, Zhanet G. Grudeva-Popova, Marieta V. Sopadzhieva§
‡ Medical University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria§ St George University Hospital, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Open Access

Background: Besides its “classical” neurotransmitter function in the central and peripheral nervous systems, serotonin, or 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) is also a local hormone in a number of tissues, including those of the GI tract. Radiation is known to be able to disrupt certain functions of the tract, modulated by 5-HT-signaling pathways, or the serotonin receptors themselves.

Aim: The present investigation focused on clarifying the nature and extent of influence of an accelerated electron beam with energy of 9 MeV on the serotonergic mediation of healthy smooth muscle gastric tissue of rats following total body irradiation of the animals.

Materials and methods: The study involved a control group and two experimental groups of animals exposed to 1 and 5 Gy, respectively, using Siemens Primus S/N 3561. Circular smooth muscle tissues were isolated from rats 1 hour and 18 hours after they were exposed to 1 and 5 Gy and also 5 days after irradiation from the rats that received a dose of 5 Gy in order to investigate the action of exogenous serotonin at increasing concentrations from 10-8 to 10-4 mol/l. The contractile reactivity of each group SM preparations was registered isometrically.

Results: Electron beams with energy of 9 MeV did not damage the contractile apparatus of gastric SM of rats and had a stimulating effect on contractility resulting from rapidly developing processes (1 hour) or later occurring once (5 days).

Conclusions: Difference was observed in the importance of the factors of received dose, lapse of time from irradiation to investigation of SM tissues, and exogenous 5-HT concentration for the changes in SM reactivity in serotonin-induced tonic and phasic responses.

accelerated electron beam, gastric smooth muscles, contractile activity, 5-НТ