Folia Medica 62(3): 601-604, doi: 10.3897/folmed.62.e49619
Keloid Formation after Circumcision: A Case Report and Current Literature Review
expand article infoYavuz Guler, Akif Erbin§, Gokhun Ozmerdiven|
‡ Private Safa Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey§ Haseki Traning and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey| Istanbul Aydin University, Istanbul, Turkey
Open Access
Although penile keloid formation can be seen after major penile surgeries, it is rarely reported after circumcision and there is no standard method for the treatment of this complication. We present a patient who was admitted with a penile keloid mass that occurred after circumcision surgery and discuss the treatment we administered in light of the current literature review. A 7-year-old white boy was admitted to our clinic with a swollen stiff mass on the foreskin six months after circumcision. The parents indicated that no complication occurred in the early postoperative period. Physical examination revealed a white-colored stiff mass measuring approximately 2×1.5 cm in size along the penile ventral surface. Intralesional injection of 0.5 ml triamcinolone acetonide was administered for 12 weeks. At 9 months after circumcision, the keloid tissue was resected. Beginning from the first postoperative week, a silicone gel sheet and topical steroid application were administered for 8 weeks. At a 1-year follow-up, the penis had a satisfactory appearance.
circumcision, large keloid, penile keloid