Folia Medica 62(4): 861-865, doi: 10.3897/folmed.62.e50349
Treatment of Corticosteroid Non-responsive Relapse of Neuromyelitis Optica with Intravenous Gamma Globulin – a Case Report
expand article infoMaria Dimitrova, Dobromir Iliev
‡ NI Pirogov University Hospital for Emergency Care, Sofia, Bulgaria
Open Access

We report a case of a patient with a relapse of neuromyelitis optica. The relapse was initially treated with intravenous corticosteroids. A therapy with intravenous gamma globulin was started as there was no symptomatic improvement. The patient responded well to the treatment with no significant side effects. Worldwide experience with gamma globulin treatment of neuromyelitis optica is limited and randomised control trials are lacking, therefore accumulation of data from case reports is of paramount importance.

corticosteroid, intravenous gamma globulin, neuromyelitis optica, relapse