Folia Medica 62(4): 802-811, doi: 10.3897/folmed.62.e50410
Metabolic Disorders Induced by Fructosedrinking Water Affect Angiotensin II-mediated Intestinal Contractility in Male Wistar Rats
expand article infoTsvetelin K. Georgiev, Anna N. Tolekova, Nikolay V. Genov, Lilia Zh. Pashova-Stoyanova, Zhivka I. Tsokeva, Krasimira G. Nancheva§, Rositsa V. Sandeva, Galina S. Ilieva, Maria G. Ganeva, Petya V. Hadzhibozheva
‡ Trakia University, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria§ University Hospital, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Open Access

Introduction: The high-fructose diet in rats has been reported to cause metabolic disorders such as impaired fasting glucose levels, in-sulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and dysregulation of the renin-angiotensin system. This could lead to further complications, for instance, to the smooth muscle dysfunction.

Aim: The present study aimed at developing fructose-induced metabolic perturbations in rats and the investigation of their impact on angiotensin II-induced smooth muscle intestinal motility. 

Materials and methods: Mature Wistar rats were randomly divided into two groups (9 rats per group): control group (drinking tap water) and fructose-drinking group (15% fructose, dissolved in tap water). At the end of the experimental period (11 weeks), the plasma levels of insulin, renin, angiotensin II and creatinine, as well as the lipid profile were assessed. Morphometric analysis and lipid index calculation were also performed. The contractile properties of ileum, colon and rectum were studied using stimulation with angiotensin II in the isolated tissue bath system. 

Results: Our experiment showed that drinking 15% fructose solution induced dyslipidaemia accompanied by elevated lipid indexes as well as an increase in creatinine and renin plasma levels in the rats. 

Conclusions: Fructose drinking and consequently the developed metabolic disorders modified the Ang II-induced intestinal activity causing a gradual alteration in the distal direction with the rectum being the most strongly affected organ.

angiotensin II, fructose, intestinal dysfunction, metabolic perturbations