Folia Medica 63(6): 858-864, doi: 10.3897/folmed.63.e56364
A Comparative Clinical Study of Er:YAG Laser and Hand Instruments in the Treatment of Moderate Chronic Periodontitis
expand article infoBlagovesta Yaneva, Elena Firkova, Emiliya Karaslavova§
‡ Department of Periodontology and Oral Diseases, Dental Faculty, Medical University - Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Bulgaria§ Biomedical analysis LTD, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Open Access

Introduction: Moderate chronic periodontitis is the most common periodontal disease. The treatment of this condition should aim at achieving a biocompatible root surface and decontamination of the pocket, thereby restoring the health status.

Aim: In the present study, the aim was to examine the clinical effectiveness of fibreless Er:YAG laser used for scaling and root planing and to compare it with a conventional treatment with Gracey curettes.

Materials and methods: The study included 909 periodontal pockets which were treated in a split-mouth design with either Gracey curettes or with Er:YAG laser (1.5 W). Probing pocket depth (PPD), gingival recession (GR), clinical attachment level (CAL), bleeding on probing (BoP), and plaque index were recorded.

Results: There was a considerable decrease of PPD, CAL, BoP, and plaque presence values at 1 and 3 months after therapy in both treatment groups. Sites treated with Er:YAG laser demonstrated mean CAL gain of about 1.00 mm and 0.44 mm at the first and third month, respectively. In the control group, there was also significant gain of CAL of about 1.33 mm at the first and 0.30 mm at the third month. Significant difference was observed in all parameters between both groups in favour of the laser treatment.

Conclusions: The results of the present study suggest that the Er:YAG laser shows clinical effectiveness in the treatment of moderate chronic periodontitis. It can be used as a single treatment modality for subgingival scaling and root planing resulting in greater improvements in all recorded data in contrast to conventional treatment.

clinical effectiveness, Er:YAG, laser, scaling and root planing, periodontitis