Folia Medica 63(4): 481-487, doi: 10.3897/folmed.63.e57517
Surgical treatment of urethral stricture disease – the earlier, the better
expand article infoValeri Mariyanovski, Emil Dorosiev, Boris Mladenov
‡ NI Pirogov UMHATEM, Sofia, Bulgaria
Open Access

Introduction: Surgical treatment of urethral strictures is a constantly evolving process. There are various treatment options like internal urethrotomy (IUT) and open surgery. A variety of techniques for urethral reconstruction are available (grafts, flaps, and excision-reanastomosis). Functional results of urethral reconstructive surgery are very satisfying and with low rate of complications.

Aim: We assessed the early open surgical reconstruction in comparison with the continuation with the endourological treatment – IUTs.

Materials and methods: The study included 129 patients with urethral strictures referred to our center. At that time point, they had received two unsuccessful IUTs and were divided into two groups – consecutive IUT and surgical repair, which included excision and reanastomosis or augmented urethroplasty. These patients were evaluated at 12 months using urethrography and uroflowmetry. Sexual function was evaluated using the international index of erectile function questionnaire 5-IIEF. Chi-squared test for statistical analysis was used.

Results: Successful outcomes (urethrography presented equal caliber and Qmax was >15 ml/sec 12 months after the procedure) were achieved in 59 (88%) of the patients using reconstructive surgery versus 26 (41.9%) of the patients with consecutive IUT (p<0.001). Mild sexual dysfunction was reported by 12 (17.9%) patients from the group with open surgery and 7 (11.3%) from the group with continuous IUT (p=0.289).

Conclusions: Early open surgery seems a reasonable solution to the problem of urethral strictures as there are only a few complications from this surgery and the functional results are satisfactory. The success rate using open surgery was found to be significantly greater than that in the consecutive IUT group, whereas no differences in the complication rates regarding sexual function were observed.

IUT, long-term results, urethral stricture, urethroplasty